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General Management Program

The program is designed for managers and professionals aimed at enhancing managerial skills, as well as for companies that want to improve effectiveness of middle managers.

Duration - 10 months.

Components of the educational process
• Managerial situations analysis according to the method «case study»
• Group exercises and discussions
• Distance Learning
• Share experiences with colleagues 
• Individual and group presentations
• Application of new knowledge and tools in practice: solving a real problem in your company

Benefits of the program:

For the company:
• Professional middle management of the company and its willingness to tackle more complex tasks
• Creating a unique management culture of the company: all levels of management speak the same language
• Practical impact of learning - the solution of real company problems

For the participant:
• Organizing the previously acquired knowledge and practical experience 
• A fresh look at business, work and ways of dealing with problems
• Management tools, practical techniques
• Increase personal growth and contribute to career development