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Program Structure

Program Structure


Executive MBA program, developed by Kozminski University (Poland) and IPM Business School (Belarus), focuses primarily on management skills development, formation of a qualitatively new vision of top managers' mission.
Executive MBA program consists of 20 courses, specialized workshops, and personal efficiency trainings.

The training is carried out in Russian by Belarusian and foreign teachers. Tests and examinations, individual and group projects are conducted in oral and written forms. The students get lists of relevant literature and the opportunity to use IPM Business School library and e-Learning system.

Modern techniques and forms of education such as case-studies, business games, business simulations, debates, panel discussions, presentations, training sessions, hands-on exercises on the material of the student are widely used on the program.

Top managers' professional skills development:
• Information analysis and structuring
• Resource Management
• Personal efficiency
• Leadership
• Business presentation skills
• Negotiations

The education is based on the principle: from holistic approach (searching competing strategies and principles of company management) through the analysis of each component to a new level of competence in strategy development and company building.

Program Structure:

Module 1
• Business simulation "Decision Base"
• Business Law
• Managerial Economics
• Business Statistics
• Analysis of operations and decision support systems
• Financial Accounting and Analysis
• Marketing
• Management
• Business PresentationTechniques
• Personal Development

Module 2
• Strategic Management
• Strategic Marketing
• Financial Management
• Managerial Accounting and Controlling
• Human Resources Management
• Operational Management
• Leadership
• Organizational Behavior

Module 3
• Project Management
• Strategic analysis for the degree project

Electives - students choose from a list of five courses offered:
• International Business
• Managing company growth
• Market Analysis
• Business Planning
• Cash flow Management, growth and working capital business
• Creating effective products in high-tech industries
• Balanced Scorecard
• Change Management
• Coaching
• Incentive Systems
• Effective Decision-making
• Oratory Skills

Residential training module at Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland)

The purpose of this training module is to get the students acquainted with practical work in the field of management used by Polish companies and with the peculiarities of business in the time of world economy globalization.

During the visit along with the classes (lectures, case studies and role-playing) students meet business representatives of the host country.
• Negotiations
• E-business strategies
• Consulting on diploma project
• Financial Analysis for diploma projects

Final diploma project
The aim of the final diploma is to apply and bring together all the theoretical knowledge, obtained while studying at the program, with the problems of real business practices, as well as testing and development of management and consulting skills in the identification and analysis of the organizational issues of strategic importance for the company.

The projects created under the EXECUTIVE MBA program for your company:
• Marketing plan.
• Balanced Scorecard system building a or investment project.
• Strategic audit of the company