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IPM Business School has a formal procedure for entering Executive MBA program in order to form groups of students whose skills, personal qualities and experience can build a well-balanced and sustainable team where each member benefits. Natalia Makaeva, Executive MBA director at IPM Business School, controls the admission process and interviews the candidates.

Step-by-step admission procedures:
• The required documents;
• Entrance exam;
• Interview;
• Contract and payment.

The documents required:
• Filled in registration form;
• Two recommendation letters;
• Copy of a Bachelor or Master diploma
• Work-book copy (detailed CV for foreigners);
• Photo for documents;
• Passport copy (pages 31-33);
• Entrance exam

GMAT Test that consists of two parts:
Part 1: Problem Solving
Part 2: Data Sufficiency
It takes 120 minutes. The samples of the test you can find here. (Part 1 and Part 2)

The interview includes standard questions to potential participants to identify:
• motives for entering Executive MBA program;
• personal organization;
• communication skills;
• ability to contribute to the group;
• type of character and temperament;

The interview length is 30 minutes.
The date and time of the interview and entrance exam are agreed upon in advance with the program manager.

Contract and payment
IPM Business School can sign a contract for the education either with a private individual or a company that sends its employee for training. The candidate should provide the program manager with the required information.