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Executive MBA

Executive MBA

In September 2001 IPM Business School launched Executive MBA program of Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland). This is the first and the only program in Belarus for top-managers and business owners created under the international standards. The program is designed to provide all-round education for top-managers in different fields and make them able to work in a constantly changing environment.

The development of information technologies and communications requires a new look at communication and new approaches in working with people. For that reason, Executive MBA program pays special attention to improve participants’ interpersonal skills, the ability to work in a team and to guide other people to prepare them for a job in a new environment.

The difference of Executive MBA from other MBA programs:
• General МВА – postgraduate program for University graduates aimed at training managers in business field (for those who are concentrated on their career growth).
• Executive MBA – program for top-managers and business owners who are interested in their professional growth. They already manage the companies but want to do it on a qualitatively new level.

The difference of Executive MBA from other programs for top-managers:
• Systematic approach to discussion of business issues vs study of particular disciplines (management, marketing, finance, etc)
• Structured system discussions of business issues and not separate discipline studies (management, marketing, finance, etc.).
• Dealing with problems of competent management of the company as a whole, not just individual areas of its activity.
• Achieving synergy effect while preparing for the final degree project on the basis of the knowledge obtained in the learning process.

Kozminski University is the only business school in Poland accredited by all three of the most prestigious accrediting institutions in the world: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

Executive MBA graduates get European Diploma of Kozminski University and IPM Business School Certificate.

Kozminski University was listed in three prestigious rankings published by the "Financial Times" as the best Polish educational institution. In 2014 it took the 41 place among the 80 best European Business Schools and Executive MBA program gained 45 place among the best Executive MBA programs in the world and Executive MBA program gained 45 place among the best Executive MBA programs in the world.

IPM Business School has an EMBA Alumni Club.
Today we have about 600 graduates of EMBA program.
The aim of this club is to unite the graduates for business and personal communication, to give them the opportunity to discuss important issues with the peers and to get answers to their questions.