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Meeting with Ilya Kuntsevich, the author of ’Economical Equilibrium: Geometry of Economics’

20 March IPM Business School organized a meeting with Ilya Kuntsevich. 

Ilya Kuntsevich is a successful entrepreneur and finance, tax and accounting expert. Mr. Kuntsevich started his career in 1997 with Arthur Andersen / Moscow as a banking auditor, and transferred its U.S. office in Los Angeles to focus his skills on investment firms, and private and public banking institutions.

In 2002, Mr. Kuntsevich joined Ernst & Young to head its Financial Services Industry group in St. Petersburg and to start the banking Business Risk Services practice in Moscow.

In 2007, he joined Madison Tyler Holdings in Beverly Hills, a very successful algorithmic-based trading company in the securities industry, and the following year he joined the prominent private equity firm Aurora Capital Group in Los Angeles, focusing on acquisition and conversion of distressed debt. At present Mr. Kuntsevich is a managing partner and an economic advisor with Beverly Investment Group, which was founded in 2010, shortly after graduating from UCLA Anderson. Mr. Kuntsevich holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the State Finance Academy of Moscow, and completed his MBA at the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Anderson). Mr. Kuntsevich is a California CPA (Inactive). He guest speaks in the UCLA Executive MBA series and Skolkovo business school in Moscow on the topics of marketing engineering and the application of mathematical models in projecting companies’ growth.

Ilya’s new book, Economical Equilibrium: Geometry of Economics, challenges economic status quo, and suggests a new method of modeling economics events, creating a path for global change.