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1st International Conference On Crowdeconomy 30 October 2015 Minsk

On October 30, Minsk hosted the 1st International Conference On Crowdeconomy.

“Belgazprombank” became the first Belarusian bank to utilize crowdfundig. This April, in partnership with “Hive Project”, the first Belarusian crowdfunding platform ulej.by was created.

Organizing the first international crowd economy conference ICC-2015 became the next step towards developing the new economy model in Belarus. The conference will become the main crowdfunding, crowdinvesting and crowdsourcing event of the year in the Eastern Europe.

Negotiations on taking part in the conference are held with the management of top crowdfunding platforms from various countries. It is expected, that at the conference we will see the representatives of American Kickstarter and Indiegogo, British Zopa, Russian “Boomstarter” and Belarusian “Ulej”. Overall, there will be about 15 speakers presented.

More than 300 people will take part in the event. Moreover, the online broadcast will be established to enable people to see the conference all over the world.

There will be 3 main sections – “Crowdfunding and crowdinvesting”, “Business technologies in crowdsourcing” and “Foresight and collective forecasting”. The main goal is not only to discuss the opportunities that crowd economy gives to the world, but also to provide work instruments to the widest range of participants possible.