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Mission and values

Mission and values

IPM mission is to increase national competitiveness through educational support of companies and individuals.

We do it via the following principles:
• Trust in personnel and local businesses
• Developing civilized business methods
• Guaranteeing international standards
• Setting an example in the business world
• Building a reputation for excellence

Partners & clients

We work for our clients. We depend on them and they don’t depend on us.
• We appreciate the choice of our partners and clients to work with us. We are proud of our clients and want them to be proud of us.
• Our clients help us to achieve good results and our partners contribute to our success.
• Long-term partnerships our clients is our business strategy.
• We are loyal to all our clients.

Our team

• Our main value is our team.
• Our employees’ intelligence and activity are a driving force of our company.
• We value every employee and give the opportunity for a decent life, self-fulfillment and personal development.
• There are three main criteria for candidates’ selection to work for IPM:
          -   the ability to share our corporate values
          -   professionalism
          -   team skills