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About IPM

About IPM

IPM Business School is a meeting point for the best real world experience and local practices.

That became possible due to:

• Partnerships with leading business schools and consulting companies worldwide (81 organizations);
• Membership of the Central and Eastern European Management Development Association (CEEMAN, www.ceeman.org );
• Accreditation by proven international educational programs;
• Regular faculty training at prestigious educational establishments;
• Close connection with business practice through consulting, research and practical experience of our tutors and clients.

Close connection of development directions:

The main activities of IPM Business School is education (international programs, long-term courses, short-term workshops on specific professional topics, in-corporate programs); research (monthly Review of Belarusian Economy, macroeconomic forecasts and trends of Belarusian business developed by the Research Center.

Novelty based on the experience

IPM Business School has the longest in Belarus experience in the sphere of business education. Business trends monitoring in Belarus and predicting the needs as well as integration into the international business education allows us to introduce regularly educational programs in the areas that are innovative for Belarus.)